Jack Hains

Sport: Fishing

Induction Year: 2018

A crop-duster from Rayne, Hains was one of the early champions of competitive bass fishing. In 1975, he captured the fifth annual Bassmaster Classic, the Super Bowl of fishing tournaments, in Currituck Sound, North Carolina. Hains, a rookie angler on the circuit, caught 18 bass weighing 45 pounds, 4 ounces and collected a check for $15,950. He went on to qualify for seven Bassmaster Classic tournaments.

Hains, who competed in the late 1990s on the Walmart Fishing League Worldwide Tour, piled up earnings of $318,061 in 152 career tournaments. Hains finished in the Top 10 a total of 24 times and also had 35 top-20 showings.